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Custom Runs

Even with our vast assortment of molding profiles, if you need a pattern that we do not have - a custom mold process can solve your problem.

We can make a custom mold for ANY molding profile or decorative piece - we just need an original sample to replicate from.

There is a one-time charge for custom runs. Just send us an accurate (to scale) drawing or tracing of your profile with dimensions marked along with your contact information. We will be happy to quote it and send it back to you.

For us to make a ten foot tool, you must supply us with eleven feet of the pattern to be reproduced. A twelve foot tool requires thirteen feet of pattern. Paint grade patterns may be shipped in two pieces which allows them to go UPS ground or FEDEX ground. Stain grade patterns (such as oak) are usually shipped in one piece.

Please contact us for more information.