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Welcome to Flexible Millwork !

We pride ourselves on being the internet’s premier distributor of flexible architectural mouldings. When your project requires curved or radius moulding our flexible trim products offer a reliable, cost effective solution. Our flexible moulding cuts just like wood, but it costs way less than radius wood millwork; it is easy to use, perfect for interior or exterior applications and is guaranteed for the life of your project.

Common applications with our products include:

  • Half-round, oval, elliptical and arched windows
  • Round turrets or walls that require curved base board and crown moulding
  • Curved staircases, landing treads and ceiling domes
  • Column wraps and curved floor transitions
  • Cabinets and furniture that require radius mouldings
  • We also have the largest selection of stock items on the internet for quick shipment!

    We provide flexible moldings for wholesale and retail resellers as well as architects, luxury home builders, furniture manufacturers and DIY’ers.